Contact Information

Dan Eichmann


Prior to founding DDL Traffic Inc. Mr. Eichmann spearheaded a start up company. Served as Vice President/Project Manager, and Salesman for five years. Mr. Eichmann has worked for two traffic industry companies as Technical Sales Manager and An Engineering Technician for more than 30 years.  Mr. Eichmann has extensive experience in installing, troubleshooting, and maintaining traffic control systems. He has received special training and certifications from IMSA and holds a California Electrical Contractors License.

Adolfo Jimenez Jr.

Vice President/Owner

Mr. Jimenez joined DDL Traffic as a partner in 2008 and has been instrumental in DDL Traffics recent growth and success. Previously Mr. Jimenez was involved in a start up of his own as Sole Proprietor providing Technical Services/Support to the traffic market. Mr. Jimenez has served as a Product Support Manager, Technical Service  Manager, and Engineering Technician  for four of the Traffic Markets leading companies within a span of 25 Years. Mr. Jimenez has received professional training and holds certification from IMSA and hold a California Electrical Contractors License.

Community Resources

One of the strong points of DDL Traffic is the Industry experience possessed by members of it's management team. The members bring in depth technical knowledge of traffic systems, electrical contractors license, and IMSA certification as well as traffic industry management and marketing experience to the company. This specialized experience has given DDL Traffic and edge over potential competitors in the traffic industry.